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Advent of Code 2021 - Dive!

What does this lever do?

You can find todays challenge here and follow along with me.


Advent of Code 2021 - Sonar Sweep

Someone tripped and fell so of course the elves need 50⭐ again...

It's that time of year, it gets dark earlier and earlier and the elves are up to their old tricks of making mistakes and having me fix them. This time they've lost Santas sleigh keys by dropping them into the ocean and we have to find 50⭐ to make the experimental antennas signal strength higher to find them.


Playing with my record collection

Does C# 9 record equality work with collections?

It's been a while since my last post however this one is born from curiosity and not being able to find the answer to this particular question so hopefully it helps someone else like me.


A helping hand with your Stubble

Custom made helpers for your mustache templates

Another post, another long delay. In my last post I teased that I'd been working on another extension to Stubble which would add handlebars style helpers to your mustache templates.


Stubble extensions and enhancements

Thoughts on standards and differences

When building Stubble one of the things I set out to avoid was the situation that Nustache, the precursor to Stubble, got itself into by adding non-standard mustache functionality by default. It could be quite easy for users to fall into using these non-standard components and then you've inadvertently made your templates pinned to the library you're using and if things get changed in future the version.


Adding some Coverlet to my Cake

Warning - Cake can be addictive

It's been awhile since I've posted, partially because I've not being doing much that is in a place that I want to talk about yet. Keep your eyes open for a post about the Stubble Helpers extension I'm writing in the future though.


How long to read all about it?

Calculating blog reading times for Wyam blogs

I decided I wanted to take a short break from the world of facial hair and indulge my exploratory side by spelunking into the world of Wyam the library (and ecosystem) that gives this blog life.


Releasing Stubble

After 3 years it's finally done

The last few posts have been talking about Nustache and Stubble the projects that I am the maintainer and in the case of Stubble the creator of.


Trimming my Nustache

Part 2: Shaping my Stubble

So last time we spoke about why I decided to create a whole new library to replace Nustache rather than just updating it. If you haven't read that blog feel free to go read it here but if you only care about Stubble then read on.


Trimming my Nustache

Part 1: Forgive the title, it was too good to pass up.

For those of you that have come to this without any context. Nustache is the main Mustache renderer for .NET. It has been around for awhile, it is pretty fully featured and robust.