Advent of Code 2021 - Passage Pathing

Big Cave, Little Cave, Cardboard box 📦

Another day and another delay. Hopefully someone out there in the internet is finding these useful if not i'm finding it helpful going back over my solutions with fresh eyes so I guess we'll keep on keeping on.


Advent of Code 2021 - Dumbo Octopus

Flash ⚡ Ahhhhhh! Savior of the keys

So when I left off with see you tomorrow I didn't plan for it to be a few months! Life unfortunately got in the way but I did manage to finish all of the 2021 challenges and so still plan to post write-ups of my solutions albeit with a delay.


Advent of Code 2021 - Syntax Scoring

Dueling banjos but for algorithms

For todays challenge we have a syntax parsing challenge so if you've ever wondered how compilers do it, we get a small taste today. If you feel like joining me you can find todays challenge here and follow along or if you'd rather just read the code then you can find it here.