Advent of Code 2021 - Passage Pathing

Big Cave, Little Cave, Cardboard box 📦

Advent of Code 2021 - Dumbo Octopus

Flash ⚡ Ahhhhhh! Savior of the keys


Advent of Code 2021 - Syntax Scoring

Dueling banjos but for algorithms

Advent of Code 2021 - Smoke Basin

Searching through smoky lows and highs

Advent of Code 2021 - Seven Segment Search

Deduction, Confusion and a little bit of rage

Advent of Code 2021 - The Treachery of Whales

Crab-marines Assemble!

Advent of Code 2021 - Lanternfish

I'm gonna count ya little fish-y

Advent of Code 2021 - Hydrothermal Venture!

Reminder the submarine is a non-smoking area

Advent of Code 2021 - Giant Squid!

Squid! Bingo! Squid-ingo?!

Advent of Code 2021 - Binary Diagnostic!

I'm about to bit-flip this table

Advent of Code 2021 - Dive!

What does this lever do?

Advent of Code 2021 - Sonar Sweep

Someone tripped and fell so of course the elves need 50⭐ again...


Playing with my record collection

Does C# 9 record equality work with collections?

A helping hand with your Stubble

Custom made helpers for your mustache templates

Stubble extensions and enhancements

Thoughts on standards and differences


Adding some Coverlet to my Cake

Warning - Cake can be addictive

How long to read all about it?

Calculating blog reading times for Wyam blogs

Releasing Stubble

After 3 years it's finally done

Trimming my Nustache

Part 2: Shaping my Stubble

Trimming my Nustache

Part 1: Forgive the title, it was too good to pass up.

Hello world

Everything starts with a Hello World doesn't it?